Don’t “Don’t”~ Do “Do”

Don't "Don't"~ Do "Do"

Last night I was watching a show about life in the ER and the doctor told the ER intern not to stick herself in the hand with an infected needle. He just made her do that…As soon as he said those words, I knew it was going to happen.

As a coach I started thinking about how often we use the word “don’t. “

As parents how often do we tell our kids “don’t?” How about the coach who tells the batter not to swing at the high pitch and he does. Asking someone NOT to do something actually manifests that exactly.

I call this “red language.” “Red language” is speaking using the negative, not the positive. Ask for the behavior you do want, not the behavior you don’t want…

For instance, ask your “batter” to swing at pitches in the strike zone, ask your kids to “do” something as opposed to “don’t do” something and ask your teams in a way that it enhances the positive.

You’ll see you get the behavior you want by asking for it instead of the behavior you don’t.

Ignite the courage within.