Hot Buttons, Regret and You

Hot Buttons, Regret and You

Have you ever walked away from someone and immediately regretted something you said or did? We all have. Was your button pushed? A hot button is a triggering event or person that elicits an emotional response or threat, a fight or flight. Happens to all of us BUT how we manage these hot buttons is what’s up to us.

What is your hot button? We all have set patterns of acting and reacting and we can look back at those times we ignored or avoided an issue OR said or did something we wish we hadn’t. What can you learn from those instances?

Who are the people or things that we associate with an emotional response and why do we let it trigger us? Examine those past incidents and try to determine what it was about them that threatened you. Once you’re aware of what sets you off, you’re much more prepared to manage it next time. AND remember to practice every time. The more you are in practice, the more of a habit it becomes.

“Ignite the courage within.”