From Leadership Development and Executive Coaching to Conflict Management and Cultural Transformation, Randy confronts some of the most difficult tasks organizations and leaders face today and empowers clients with new and exciting ways to thrive.

In addition to providing thought-provoking training sessions, Randy is engaged as a keynote speaker for conferences, trade shows, board retreats, and CEO/leadership meetings.

  • Leadership Skills
  •  Conflict Management and Employee Counseling
  • Becoming Conflict Competent
  • Instructor Development
  •  Interactive Training Techniques
  •  Incident Command
  • Health and Safety
  • OSHA Compliance and Training
  •  Results Coach*


Common Leadership and Organizational Issues

  • Lack of feedback and constructive criticism
  • Failing to define goals
  • Misunderstanding employee and team motivation
  • Not delegating
  • Lack of accountability
  • Breakdowns in communication
  • Conflict within groups

Results with Randy Keirn

  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Forward-Thinking Leadership
  • A Culture that Promotes Innovation and Adaptability
  • A Stronger Sense of Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Change-Awareness
  • An Overall Transformation of Your Organization’s Culture


Customized Training & Leadership

Leadership Development

Through one on one coaching, Randy Keirn provides a supportive and confidential environment for individuals to develop new perspectives and ideas. He helps direct an individual’s energy, drive and determination into an achievable plan, providing the encouragement and accountability necessary to obtain goals.

The end result? Self-awareness, a more balance life, self-confidence and setting better goals for yourself and/or your team.

Team Development

When engaged in Team Development Training, clients learn to lead and develop effective teams by first examining the qualities of a high-performance team. Clients are then trained on the various stages of team development and explore the five common dysfunctions of an underdeveloped team. They then develop strategies to improve individual effectiveness as a leader, participant and coach.

Team Development Training results in a more collaborative workforce capable of increasing an organization’s profitability and efficiency.

Conflict Management

Participants of Conflict Management Training learn the positive approach to taking the stress, anxiety, and frustration out of dealing with disagreements and conflict. Participants learn 7 proven behaviors for dealing with conflict, develop an action plan for personal improvement, learn and demonstrate effective steps for employee counseling, and learn how to create conflict norms and agreements.

Conflict management training is available for Becoming a Conflict Competent Fire Officer, Becoming a Conflict Competent Health Professional, and Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader.

Executive Coaching

Today, being an executive at a busy company, whether it’s a small start-up or a Fortune 500, is more demanding than ever.

Randy Keirn helps today’s leaders deal with the fast pace and complexities of their own organizations. He provides executives with ways to overcome their personal challenges, achieve their goals, learn new strategies and most importantly increase profitability and accountability.

Although Executive Coaching is conducted through personal one on one sessions, it’s much more than an investment in an individual; it’s an investment in the organization as a whole.

Results are achieved and often include better self-awareness, purpose, competence and profitability.

Cultural Transformation

Through a combination of Leadership Development, Customized Training and Executive Coaching, Randy Keirn transforms organizational cultures in to new high-performing, value-aligned cultures.

Key areas for success include a senior leadership team that is dedicated to their organization, a working atmosphere with minimal conflict, strong and collaborative teams, accountability at every level, and a manageable scope for the organization’s cultural transformation.

Transformations do not happen overnight, but are instead worked toward. Randy helps to establish an achievable change initiative, involving all active members of the organization.