What’s An Informal Leader

What's An Informal Leader

Let me explain it like this…

Let’s say that you’re the manager of a great band! You come talk to the group about something that has to be done and you leave. What happens after you leave? If it’s something controversial often the group will turn to the Informal Leader. Who is that? The one person that everyone turns to who acts as the facilitator and who can provide direction. People are social and want to be accepted and hope the Informal Leader is on their side. Often he or she is your nemesis and they talk out against you. You avoid them because conflict if difficult. What you should do is embrace them. If you know this person is against you, then you should approach them beforehand and get them to buy in prior to addressing your group. They have situational power and can be a great advantage to you instead of a hindrance.

Main takeaway here?
Know who that informal leader is, engage with them and get buy in, then address the rest of the group. Not only will this make your issue easier to deal with, it also makes you a better leader and allows you to be more effective.

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